About Us

Imagine being twenty-five years old, newly married with a precious one-year old baby son. Life seems pretty close to perfect. Suddenly one morning while practicing self-examinations as taught by her mother growing up, Ysabel found a lump in her breast. That moment in November 1995 changed her life forever and threw her calm contentment out the window. The next few days became a blur as she rushed from her doctor’s office to having a biopsy to the hospital for surgery in a matter of 72 hours. Ysabel had been diagnosed with stage 3 invasive carcinoma – she had breast cancer.

Anyone that has ever met Ysabel knows that she has an undeniable strength of character – she needed to tap into every ounce of her personal strength and that of her loved ones to get through her battle to beat cancer. Because she was already in Stage 3 when diagnosed, the cancer was treated very aggressively. She endured eleven months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The treatments took a terrible toll on her body and spirit. To this day, it brings tears to her eyes when Ysabel recalls a particularly hard day “I was tired. I wanted to just give up. My mother brought me my beautiful son and said ‘this is what you are fighting for!’” So she fought and won!

Once she beat the disease and was safely in remission, she knew she was meant to do something special with the rest of her life. She joined forces with Athletes for Education, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, as a volunteer, but had aspirations to create her very own program. What started as a small dream to help cancer patients in the San Diego community through her own program, Ysabel’s Pink Angels, has evolved into so much more. In a little over two years, Ysabel has branched out to spread her love and passion for positively affecting the lives of children through supporting a number of AFE programs, creating and hosting a number of events such as:

  • Reading for Life Literacy Program at Joyner Elementary
  • Bowling & Holiday Parties
  • Turkey & Toy Giveaways
  • Hospital visits with Athletes & Celebrities
  • Sports Camps & Movie Nights
  • Assisting Dick Lewis of the San Diego Chargers to provide the families at McAllister with magazines, clothing and the necessities.

Ysabel talks with a humble pride when she explains the evolution of her program and her work in the San Diego community, “You never realize how much your spirit can be touched by working with people. Whether it’s the women and children at McAllister asking to hug you for bringing them stuffed animals on Mother’s Day or putting a smile on the face of a sick child…the return to you is so much more than you give. I knew in my heart I was destined to do something special with my life. Now I know what that is!”

Almost everyone knows someone that has been affected by cancer. I would love to have your help to positively changing the lives of those affected by the disease right here in San Diego. A positive attitude and love can make all the difference, especially on the “bad” days. Won’t you please help me extend Pink Angels’ positive impact through your involvement?

For more information on and how to join my Pink Angels team please contact me at 619-654-7039!!!!